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7 Tips to Increase Business and Become a Better Seller on Amazon

If you’re someone who’s spent time shopping online, you’ve more than likely heard of Amazon. The online retailer is the largest marketplace for selling goods online. In fact, the company has more than 300 million registered customers!

This presents an incredible opportunity for those who wish to start their own ecommerce business. If you’re an Amazon beginner looking for tips to become a better seller, continue reading for our trusted advice.

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Use (FBA) Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA is an amazing service offered by Amazon when you become a seller on their platform. With FBA, they store and ship your products to your customers. Your business is essentially outsourcing its order fulfillment to the online retail giant. In return, you pay Amazon a fee per unit sold, which depends on the size, weight, and category of the product.

At PartnerTrade, we deliver your goods to Amazon (for FBA). By choosing us to deliver your cargo to Amazon warehouses, you’re not only simplifying the logistics process but also saving money.

Create an Eye-catching Product Listing

Humans are visual creatures- an important fact to remember when posting product images for your business as a seller on Amazon. The following few tips will help you take better product photos to capture the attention of your customers:

  • Great lighting: As a seller, you need to ensure you have good lighting when taking product pictures. Avoid using natural lighting when doing product photography as it can cause harsh shadows and unflattering highlights on your products. Instead, use artificial lighting that will give off a more even and flattering look that won’t wash out any colors or details.
  • Shooting: Use the right camera settings on your smartphone or camera and ensure you’re capturing the best angles of your product that show off your brand name and the product well.
  • Background: Next up, ensure you choose the correct background when taking pictures of your product. Choose a neutral color, like white, to ensure your product stands out.

Put In the Effort to Maintain Customer Satisfaction on Amazon

While around 100 million people shop on Amazon monthly, the online marketplace still remains a competitive environment for your business as a seller. This is why you have to do your best to maintain customer satisfaction.

Some tips to maintain great customer satisfaction include:

  • Being enthusiastic and friendly in your responses to buyer queries.
  • Resolving customer complaints in a timely manner.
  • Being genuine with your customers and understanding when they have an issue.
  • Ensuring your products ship out and arrive at their destination on time.

Pay Close Attention to Amazon Customer Reviews

This tip is an important one. As an Amazon seller, you’re probably aware of the importance of customer feedback. It gives you insight into how your customers feel about your products and brand. That said, paying close attention to what your customers say in reviews can show you how to improve your business.

Another area to focus on includes improving your ratings. While it can be challenging to get high ratings on Amazon, it’s a completely achievable goal for many sellers. One step you can take is to make sure your Amazon business includes accurate and descriptive information about your products so that customers do not feel misled.

Secondly, ensure that you are selling a great product. While customers are not afraid to share how they feel about bad products, they also do not shy away from praising great products too.

Optimize Your Amazon Product for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While Amazon has a lot of rules and regulations for sellers, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have the freedom to optimize your product descriptions and listings for SEO (search engine optimization).

To put it simply, SEO is the process of researching and using relevant keywords to improve the quality of a page in order for it to rank higher in search engines. This process can be applied to your Amazon listings too.

When using keywords in your product listing, make sure to use them naturally and not stuff them all in one section. The best way to optimize your business’s Amazon product page as a seller is to use keywords that are relevant to your product and make sure the listing is easy to read.

Keep Your Costs Low and Prices Competitive

Establish how much it costs you to produce (or buy and resell) your product and then apply your business’s markup to it. Try to sell at competitive prices, but do the necessary calculations to ensure you’re making a profit at the end of the day. Understandably, this is a tough balancing act but it’s one of the key tips to follow, not just as an Amazon seller, but as a business owner.

Keep Track of Your Inventory Levels on Amazon

As with any business, proper inventory management helps you avoid delays and keep up with the demands of your customers. In contrast, having too much stock on hand can lead to increased storage costs. Managing your inventory levels is one of the important aspects of a successful Amazon seller business.

Final Thoughts on Becoming a Better Seller on Amazon

Amazon is undoubtedly the largest online retailer in the world and is a great marketplace that gives sellers an opportunity to have their own stores. So it makes sense why you would want to have your products listed on Amazon. After all, who would not want the opportunity to access millions of potential customers?

If you are looking for ways to cut costs and grow your Amazon business, fill out the form today and speak with our logistics experts on how we can get your goods where they need to go.