7 ways to promote your product on Amazon

7 ways to promote your product on Amazon

We present you 7 topical ways to promote your product on Amazon:

Help a customer find your products on Amazon

Promotion through search
To make a purchase, a customer must first find your products. Entering keywords is the main method that customers use to search for products on Amazon.

Your goal is to optimize your listing to improve product visibility and increase number of sales. Most products support the description of keywords up to 250 characters. Think about what terms your customers use.

Here are some tips for optimizing search terms. And we are always ready to offer professional services to promote a brand or a product to the Western market.

Sponsored promotion
Sponsored Products is a great way to draw more attention to your products on Amazon.

You choose which products you want to advertise, set keywords for these products, and also cost per click. When a buyer on Amazon searches for one of the keywords, your ad may appear in several places on the page, including the first page of search results. When buyers click on your ad, they go to your product and you just have to convince the customer to make a purchase. Recently, we wrote about another way to speed up sales.

Help a customer make a choice

Encouraging product images
Effective product images stimulate customer’s imagination and encourage him to buy your product. The better your photos, the better they demonstrate your product; the more photos it has, the greater chances that customer will purchase exactly your product!

Amazon Prime
The latest Amazon Prime Day allowed sellers to clean their shelves with incredible speed. But not everyone can take part in Prime Day. The first condition is to sell goods through Amazon Fulfillment Service (FBA). Then your offers become more noticeable and more competitive. Amazon Prime provides free shipping (for relevant products), as well as many other benefits that help develop sales and make the store more competitive.

Make promotional offers
Customers like promotional offers because they allow them to save some money. This position on the product’s page stimulates a customer to make a purchase decision sooner, not postponing a specific product or a seller for later.

There are a lot of functions for creating various promotional offers available in the seller’s account, such as discounts, free delivery, free gifts, as well as external incentives such as loyalty points.

Draw the international clients

Expand listings
Do not limit yourself to one market outlet. You can create listings at several Amazon European markets.

It allows you to significantly expand the audience of customers at minimum expenses for preparing the listing of goods on Amazon.

Offer a convenient delivery
Terms of delivery are not the last factor that influences customer’s decision. FBA raised the bar of fast delivery service to a new level. In order not to lose potential customers, make sure that your delivery channels suit your clients and are not inferior to the competitor’s ones. Partner Trade offers its fulfillment services and delivery of goods and products to warehouses in Europe and America.

Our possibilities –– your benefits!