Air transportation is the fast cargo freight by aircraft on a charter or standard flight. Goods are shipping by cargo or passenger air transport to any city where the airport is located. This shipping method is considered the fastest and most efficient.

Air cargo freight from the Partner Trade company 

We have been organizing air cargo transportation for over 6 years and providing international logistics services. PartnerTrade customers can ensure that their products will be shipped on time and in the proper form.

Our company carries an e-commerce cargo and b2b entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and suppliers of various products to Amazon and other global marketplaces.

International air cargo transportation is carried out mainly in such popular destinations:

  • China – USA
  • Canada – USA
  • Turkey – America
  • Europe – China
  • Europe – UAE

We are ready to meet the requirements of customers on other routes. For example, if the final destination is in Europe, and you deliver goods from China, we will offer favorable conditions for cargo transportation by plane to any EU country.

3pl operator Partner Trade works in the legal field. Our managers know the air code and regulatory documents so that the manufactured goods successfully reach their destination.

How we work: stages of air freight from ordering services to shipping

  1. Obtain initial data from the client.
  2. Logistics consulting on certificates and related documents.
  3. Cost calculation and preparation of estimates.
  4. Recommendations on the route.
  5. Insurance.
  6. Transportation of goods to the airport.
  7. Customs control, payment of duties.
  8. Loading and cargo dispatch by plane.
  9. Tracking along the way (available technology).
  10. Acceptance of products in the receiving country.
  11. Delivery to the warehouse door.
  12. Warehouse logistics.

Types of air services provided

Express shipping

If deadlines play a crucial role for the sender of the goods, it is worth choosing express transportation.

The cargo is promptly shipped to the desired point without reloading by air. There are no additional stops, and the risk of goods damage is minimal with this type of transportation. In addition, air goods transportation allows you to freight cargo as quickly as possible with a limited shelf life and temperature control.

Standard air shipment

Air freight by standard flights is cheaper, but the departure time is usually longer. Such air transportation involves several stops, which increases the delivery time.

You can choose charter or regular flights. In the first case, you will take a VIP service. A whole aircraft is allocated for cargo, which does not obey the flight schedule. In the second option, air transportation takes place according to the regular schedule.

Air freight route map

Cargo types transported by air

General cargo

These goods do not require individual processing and special security measures, such as clothing, shoes, electronics, household items, etc. Air shipping is carried out individually on pallets or in boxes.

Special cargo

The shipping organization of this type of load needs certain conditions. Such conditions include the transportation of valuables, items that carry a potential danger, and perishable products. Aviation logistics defines them as things that require special handling.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are classified and assigned a product code describing the transportation and packaging conditions. The air carrier may suffer significant losses due to improper preparation of products. Departure from the methodological manual’s advice will cause transport and personnel problems.

The regulation of dangerous goods requires additional documents executed under the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. So for sprays, a safety data sheet is required as they are in the class of flammable substances. Otherwise, the cargo will not be accepted on board.

Types of cargo and goods sent by our clients:

Our company connects with b2b market entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and go abroad.  We process corporate orders and applications of varying complexity – whether air cargo freight by a transport company, transportation by ship, car, or multimodal transportation.

Most often, we perform forwarding services for such goods:

  • beauty products (shadows, curling irons, mascara, etc.);
  • furniture and wood products;
  • children’s items (license and certification required);
  • appliances for home and garden;
  • bed linen;
  • handmade products;
  • gadgets;
  • spare parts for cars and equipment.

No matter how complex the tasks are, transportation organization occurs as soon as possible. On request, we can load several tons of oversized cargo, agricultural combines, or other large vehicles onto air transport. We also carry out cargo air transportation abroad on individual projects.

Permitted goods for air freight

Air freight also has its limitations. The weight, size of the goods, as well as type, and a class of cargo are essential here. Each country has its specifics, but there is a generalized list of items you can or cannot carry on an airplane.

The following product categories are allowed for transportation:

  • spare parts for ground equipment and other devices;
  • industrial products;
  • clothing or shoes;
  • toys (certificate required);
  • kitchen accessories;
  • types of bulky and heavy cargoes;
  • plywood and wood products;
  • cosmetics (depending on composition);
  • tableware.

Prohibited goods for air freight

Cargo shipping by air also determines unsuitable transportation load, the characteristics described in the IATA manual.

Prohibited for transportation by air:

  • fireworks for holidays, petards;
  • dry ice;
  • fire extinguishers;
  • perfume;
  • sprays and air fresheners (exceptions are possible, product certification is required);
  • chemistry and derived materials;
  • medical waste, viruses;
  • varieties of fragile, valuable things (in some countries).

Air freight cost

To determine how much air shipping costs, you need to correctly calculate the cost of delivering your cargo from point A to point B, considering additional parameters.

What affects the cost and pricing of air freight

  1. Dimensions (air tariffs are paying for volume or weight from 1 kg);
  2. Mass (it is essential to know, given the carrying capacity of the aircraft);
  3. Product type (container shipping is more suitable for bulk products)
  4. Type of transportation – express or standard (freight rates differ).
  5. Additional services (cargo pick up from the supplier’s warehouse, transportation to the airport, warehouse logistics in the importing country, etc.)

Pricing may also change, taking into account the tariffs set by the airline and fuel prices. Customs clearance fees can also affect the final cost. In this case, you need to consider the customs clearance rules in the export and import countries.

The price of air cargo freight differs significantly. It all depends on the services you want to use. A total calculation is possible after filling out the online application form.

Pros and cons of air freight

What are the advantages of air transportation:

  • the operational speed of freight around the world in a few hours;
  • accessibility where land or water transport will not pass;
  • VIP conditions of transportation by a separate cargo aircraft;
  • the flexibility of the schedule of air departures and daily departure;
  • the possibility of transporting large consignments of goods from 1 kg;
  • safe transportation of high-value goods;
  •  internal cargo tracking system;
  • transportation of products in a specific temperature regime;
  • convenient seat reservation on the flight.

Disadvantages of air cargo transportation

Cons of air freight:

  •  high tariffs for air goods transportation, in comparison with sea transport;
  • dependence on weather conditions;
  • strict law and other acts that regulate trade through transit countries;
  • limited loading in the cabin;
  • foreign regulations and legislation do not allow the transportation of certain products;
  • international law requires the collection of certificates, declarations, and permits – brokers perform the paperwork;
  • the need for another transport (trucking) to bring/take the cargo from/to the airport.

Why you should contact PartnerTrade

We are responsible for the precise organization of product shipping. If you are interested in cross-border trade and need a range of one-stop services, we guarantee high quality of work and service.

We save on air transportation by booking regular or charter flights, direct or transhipped. The company ships goods in a full container or as part of groupage cargo.

Our advantages

Partner Trade is a reliable operator and member of the respected WCA organization. Association members are regional and international carriers, forwarders, agents, and brokers. We receive privileges and personal discounts for freight and organize container transportation according to Incoterms that is convenient for you.

Our additional services

  • assistance in finding a supplier;
  • advice on the collection of documentation and cargo preparation for shipment;
  • delivery cost calculator;
  • insurance;
  • search for an agent, a customs representative in the country of import;
  • fulfillment;
  • warehouse logistics.

PartnerTrade provides professional logistics services for sellers and suppliers of e-commerce products. We organize route planning and consultations on certification, storage, and final goods shipment. Feedback from our regular customers testifies to positive experiences and results.

We forward large consignments and do not transport personal belongings or letters. If you are interested in air freight, you will need a courier service.

The geography of our services is vast. We deliver goods to different continents and organize warehouses in the USA, Turkey, the UAE, and China.

If you need to send a non-standard cargo, we will develop an individual strategy for its transportation. We will work through the stages and offer the best delivery option.

Legal support of our activities is carried out within the framework of the current legislation in the USA. You can be sure that we fully fulfill our responsibilities. An incoming request is processed the same day so that the transportation process starts as quickly as possible.

If you still have questions, go to the official Partner Trade website and ask them in a particular form.


What is air freight?

Air freight is the transfer and dispatch of goods by air, regulated by international acts and conventions. You will need invoices, certificates, and other documentation for this process.

What cargo can be transported by air?

The range of products is vast. The main cargoes transported are consumer goods, cosmetics without the content of potentially dangerous substances, and products that do not require licensing.

How much does air shipping cost?

Air transportation is not cheap. Prices per kilogram of transported products vary depending on the type of flight, freight, and destination country. Transportation by ship is a more budget-friendly way of shipping.

To which countries Partner Trade provides air cargo transportation?

Our client determines the flight range – we also ship cargo to different parts of the world. Main directions: China-America, China-Canada, Turkey-USA. The estimate is based on the price per kg.

What services do you offer besides cargo transportation?

The logistics sector implies the implementation of deliveries. However, we study the demand for goods, look for manufacturers, and organize customs brokers. You can choose the service unaccompanied at customs.

How to get started with you?

You need to send the data in a special form on the website. We consider the shipping criteria, draw up a list of works and offer the best shipping method. We conclude the contract, and the goods are prepared for shipment. You can track the cargo.

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