Amazon best sellers – August 2022 report

Amazon best sellers – August 2022 report

Jungle Scout analyzed consumer trends and the factors influencing the purchase and found out which products were the most popular in the last month of summer. These trends are variable, but some patterns can be tracked and used to prepare for the next season.

Amazon shopping trends for August

Amazon’s bestsellers in various categories change hourly, influenced by the latest news, key events, and social trends. PartnerTrade published a study that collected all the data and identified the top products from the Amazon marketplace for August.

General trends

  1. TikTok challenges. One of the latest social media trends is eating spicy pickles. According to the fourth quarter results, this preservation’s sale has increased significantly.
  2. Beauty category products. Consumers tend to postpone large, expensive purchases but do not refuse to spend on self-care and perceive mass-market cosmetics as “affordable luxury.”

The most popular products on Amazon

In August, the most purchased items on Amazon were:

BRONAX Cloud Slippers

Super comfortable, soft shoes that adapt to your foot – what could be better? In addition, these slippers are an expression of style and the latest fashion statement. The exciting design of the flip-flops has increased the company’s profit by 1249% in the last 30 days.

Wireless security camera

The Arlo Pro 3 mini camera for video surveillance in 2K with HD format with a built-in spotlight and night vision function has become a bestseller in its category. It increased sales 300 times, brought in over $219,000 in profit, and showed a growth of 1081%.

Sunscreen EltaMD

Celebrity endorsement plays a significant role. People rushed to buy it when Hailey Bieber shared her skincare secrets. Cream with UV protection increased proceeds by 482%. This is how product advertising can affect sales.

ThinkFun Cat Crimes Puzzle

A fun cat game teaches kids ages eight and up to think logically to solve feline crimes – the detective game brought in 240% more profit.

Acne patches

Another tip on effectively promoting products: COSRX acne patches were featured in Teen Vogue magazine in 2021 and have been in huge demand ever since. In August alone, their sales revenue increased by 214%.

Calming dog treats

At the peak of popularity are soothing treats for pets, which ease the sadness of separation or other anxiety states. This trend is mainly related to the beginning of the school year when children go to school and leave animals at home alone. Healthy Solutions chewing gum brought the company $352.20 thousand in 30 days, or 175% more in revenue.

A set of fishing magnets

FINDMAG’s revenue from the sale of accessories for this hobby has grown by 115%. Kits for so-called magnetic fishing, namely the search for sunken objects at the bottom of rivers, are breaking sales records.

A device for baking a container for a tortilla

Taco lovers can’t do without an appliance that makes perfect tortilla bowls. The profit of the manufacturer of this invention Nostalgia Store, increased by 100%.

Neck conditioner TORRAS COOLIFY 2

With global warming comes new solutions that help to tolerate abnormally high temperatures. The TORRAS device increased sales by 100% in a month.

Apple AirTags detectors

Baggage security cannot be wholly relied on, so travelers buy Apple AirTags. They can track their belongings via smartphone or tablet with it. The device increased the company’s profit by 39% in August.

If you have found a new trend to sell on Amazon, get in touch with us. PartnerTrade offers favorable conditions for goods shipping to international marketplaces worldwide. Our managers will select the correct route, time, and transport type so that your product successfully reaches the trading floor. 


What were consumers searching for on Amazon in August 2022?

They searched for peppered pickles, cosmetics, and chewable treats for pets.

What products were in trend?

Baggage detectors, neck conditioners, acne remedies, flip-flops, and CCTV were trending.

How much has the brands’ profit increased from the products’ sales?

Profit increased from 39% to 1249% per month.

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