Analysis of bed linen niche for sale on Amazon

Analysis of bed linen niche for sale on Amazon

There is a special attitude to bed linen among housewives in the post-Soviet countries. Sets from $20 to $200 are of great demand at the market. Let’s analyze the available options and demand for linen on Amazon in the category «Home & Kitchen». As it is the most popular marketplace for home goods at the US market.

Select search queries for the analysis of products in the linen niche:

  • bed linen
  • linen bedding
  • Bed Sheets Set
  • linens
  • Linen Bed Sheets

We see the popularity of keywords and a small trend rise in December-January.

To review competitors we will collect the average price of goods and the monthly number of sales of the first pages for each query. Summary table will look like this:

As you can see, full set offers start from $18. A good demand is in the ≈$35 and ≈$120 price ranges. Also we note an additional demand for natural materials in the linen texture (e.g. cotton and flax). Such products cost from $40 for cotton ones and from $130 for flax ones. In Ukrainian stores these products are on average 30% cheaper. The advantage of such products while promoting on Amazon will be the possibility to fill your line with different colors of linen and manipulate the composition of the set. You can also draw the attention of potential buyers to pillowcases and sheets as additional goods.

Besides Amazon, Etsy marketplace will help you expand your market outlet to America and Europe. Here you can list the same product, but add a hand-made factor to it, for example, embroidery of initials on a customer’s order. The demand for such production is lower, but the price is higher.

Since the cost of linen set on Amazon is quite high, we advise you to consider a gift wrapping option. For example, in the price range of $300 with proper promotion, you can achieve 20 sales of your product weekly. Analysis of competitors in bed linen segment showed that natural brands with a wide choice of colors and variations of sets are popular.

Apart from that, the niche of bed linen for children is worth noting. With smaller sizes and expenses for materials, the price remains the same as for adult sets.

Parents are willing to pay large sums of money for their children’s bed linen on Amazon. For instance, with a price of $100, you can easily reach 30 sales per month or more. Huge amount of additional accessories that increase profits remains the great advantage of this segment.

Offers with winter or summer season sets will be ideal for reselling. Also, over time, as a child grows up, the possibility to offer new sets of linen will appear again. In the European offices of Amazon, cheap delivery will be a competitive advantage for Ukrainian manufacturers. If you are eager to enter the American market with your own brand of bed linen made of natural materials, it should be taken into consideration that with a large number of textile enterprises in Ukraine, their readiness for introduction of new cut and quality standards is very low. Partner Trade is ready to provide all possible assistance in bringing your product to the US market. We already have several proposals aimed for this: Amazon Start, Delivery of goods to the USA and Sale of barcodes on Amazon.