Cargo shipping in 2022: Expectations of Customers

Cargo shipping in 2022: Expectations of Customers

A recent survey by Edelman Intelligence of 200 supply chain managers in big companies (more than 500 employees) revealed the level of confidence in logistics operators and shipping trends in 2022. Partner Trade publishes the results of the study.

Supply chain confidence remains high

The survey showed that the level of optimistic forecasts is 81%. Many of the respondents said that the situation in international logistics would change for the better. This opinion is primarily dictated by the surge in income for the winter holidays and the return of containers stuck in US ports.

With this in mind, 85% of 3pl customers are positive about revenue trends in 2022. Only a small part, less than 10%, noted pessimistic forecasts regarding their profits.

Level of trust in 3PL operators

Most decision-makers in transcontinental logistics turn to the services of logistics operators. Their decisions smooth out part of the uncertainty and problems in international cargo freight. 

The survey showed that 8 out of 10 decision-makers note the importance of a 3PL company. It provides easy-to-use technology tools, real-time data access, and technologies that customers can use from computers or mobile devices.

Benefits expected by logistics agency clients when partnering with 3PL:

  • last-mile delivery services;
  • help in achieving the sustainable development goals;
  • advice on cargo transportation strategy;
  • single point of contact for performance;
  • multimodal transport solutions.

Respondents’ concerns about the pandemic

The biggest concerns of customers in the logistics and supply chain relate to the lack of workers and the consequences of this situation; 90% of respondents indicated the need to hire more people to meet logistical needs, with the retention of the workforce in the field as the second most anticipated issue.

Uncertainty with quarantine measures remains, so the search and retention of workers seem to be the most urgent fear of logistics companies’ customers.

Peak Season Expectations

Resource management will be critical to meet demand through 2022.

The survey also showed that resource management is also a priority for supply chain managers during the peak shipping season. That is why the demand for the services of 3pl operators is increasing. The survey showed that 94% of respondents consider partnerships with suppliers and logistics companies essential during the peak season.

Labor needs, rising costs, and congestion in the industry will continue to exacerbate the problem. Resource management will play a critical role in doing more with less and avoiding unnecessary losses. Whether it’s wasted time idling for loading or unloading, wasted miles, packaging, or inefficient processes, these questions are likely to remain open in 2022.

Business expectations

The survey showed that 94% of respondents believe that their business will thrive despite the risks associated with COVID-19. Representatives of 90% of companies noted that they feel more prepared to meet customers’ needs during the peak season of a pandemic. In addition, 75% expect a high increase in income for the winter holidays.

The survey results confirm the need for sustainable partnerships with logistics companies as an integral part of modern logistics. With their help, shippers can get more benefits in terms of cost, technical support, strategy, and making more deliveries.

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