The trade turnover between Turkey and the United States is actively developing, attracting many entrepreneurs and sellers worldwide. We are at your service if you want to expand your business and transport cargo from Izmir and Istanbul to Los Angeles or New York.

Cargo transportation to the USA from Turkey from the PartnerTrade company

If you decide to make money on the sale of Turkish products, you will need the delivery of goods from Turkey to the USA from PartnerTrade and international logistics. We will help optimize all logistics processes and offer the best freight prices.

Our manager will calculate the delivery cost to the city you need and recommend the transportation required in your particular case. We work with proven carriers and responsible agents so that you can be sure of a high service level.

What types of delivery from Turkey to the USA do we provide:

  • standard air freight;
  • sea freight;
  • delivery by truck from a port or airport to warehouses in the United States and Turkey.

Air freight

Shipping goods from Turkey to the United States by plane is an expressway to transport your goods to the desired point. With this type of freight, you can send goods that need urgent transportation — for example, valuables or certain medicines.

3pl operator PartnerTrade offers air shipping from Turkey to the United States by direct flight within three days. A direct flight increases the safety of your cargo during the freight.

The price of air freight starts from $5 per kilogram.

Sea freight

Shipping by sea is a popular way of delivering goods in this direction. The cost of transporting a container by ship is much lower than the price of air freight, but it takes more time.

We offer:

  1. Delivery of groupage cargo or LCL (will be cheaper).
  2. Full container loading (FCL).

Goods shipping from Turkey to the United States by sea is usually from 22 days. However, groupage cargo can take longer to assemble, as it is collected from different customers, stacked in a single container, and then loaded onto a ship.

Our services

What service do we offer to our clients:

  • cargo insurance;
  • loading and unloading of the container;
  • shipping in a separate container (Full Container Load);
  • place in the container with groupage cargo (Less than Container Load);
  • export and delivery to the port or airport;
  • tracking of goods all the way;
  • customs clearance by a specially selected team;
  • warehousing logistics in Istanbul, Los Angeles, and New York;
  • delivery by America to any city.

Our rates

Freight rates may vary depending on the mode of transportation, the type and volume of goods, the specifics of customs clearance in the United States, and other nuances.

Prices on the route Turkey-USA start at $400 per cubic meter for sea freight and $5 per kg for shipping by plane. Check the exact amount with the manager or fill out the form on the site, indicating the desired dates, route, weight, dimensions of the product, and its quantity.

How we work

You leave us an application form on the site where you need:

  1. Order the required service.
  2. Leave your contact information (name, phone, E-mail).
  3. Add a comment with the details of the cargo.
  4. Click the “Calculate service” button and wait for a call from our manager.

In a few minutes, a representative of our company will call you to clarify the details and offer the best calculation for your route.

Why we are trusted

With PartnerTrade, you can quickly and without additional costs ship cargo or send a parcel from Turkey to the United States. You can be sure of the quality of our service because we have been transporting commercial goods to customers around the world for more than five years.

Our company is a member of the prestigious WCA eCommerce Network with more than 10,226 offices in 964 cities and seaports from all over the world. Due to this, we offer special tariffs for shipping and reliable contractors in other countries.

Additional services for our clients

  • free consultation and calculation of the budget;
  • search for a supplier;
  • fulfillment;
  • product labeling;
  • door-to-door delivery;
  • warehousing service and loading and unloading service;
  • cargo tracking and reporting;
  • delivery of dangerous goods;
  • goods shipping in transit;
  • full or partial charter.


What delivery options from Turkey to the USA does PartnerTrade offer?

You have several ways for shipping goods – by plane or container ship. If you have many products for business that need to be delivered to a warehouse outside the airport or seaport – we will transport them by land freight.

What is the cost of freight to the United States from Turkey?

The sea freight price varies from $400 per cubic meter, and from $5 per kg by air.

What are our advantages?

We have been working with e-commerce entrepreneurs and sellers for more than five years and have earned a reputation as a reliable freight forwarder. In addition, we are a member of the logistics organization WCA eCommerce Network with prominent carrier network agents and customs representatives around the world.

What additional services do we provide to clients?

Depending on the tasks, these can be turnkey logistics services, fulfillment, placement, and processing of goods in the company’s warehouses in the United States, delivery of dangerous goods, etc.

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