International shipping from China to the United States is a popular destination for delivering cargo. Huge production capacity and modern equipment make China one of the leaders in creating consumer goods, appliances, and other items in demand. Export profitably by supplying high-quality products at a reasonable price to the US market.

Fast shipping of goods

Shipping from China, you reduce the cost of manufacturing the goods and open up new opportunities for yourself.

Delivery of commercial cargo to the United States carried out by:

  1. Express delivery from any city in China to New York or Los Angeles in 7-10 days.
  2. Sea shipping. As part of a groupage cargo or a full container, goods arrive from China to the States by “fast sea” in 45 days, by “slow sea ” – in 50-60 days.
  3. Air freight. By standard flight, cargoes from 100 kg will arrive in America in 10-14 days.

At your request, Partner Trade insures all cargo for the shipping period.

Shipping cost

Our manager will help you calculate the delivery cost of goods. To do this, you can call the phone number at the top of the site or fill out a data form.

To find out the exact transportation price, specify the following parameters:

  1. Country and address of departure.
  2. Country and address of receipt.
  3. Product dimensions – weight, width, height, and length.
  4. Product names and features. If you are transporting dangerous goods, be sure to indicate this. Such cargos require special transportation conditions and additional certificates.

After providing all the information, a manager will contact you and announce the total delivery cost. Do not forget to specify what services you need in China – consolidation, cargo storage, shipping to the port, etc.

Departure features

Shipping from China to America becomes more manageable with Partner Trade! We will help you collect all the necessary certificates and documents that will require at customs.

To ship goods from China to the US, you will need:

  1. Invoice.
  2. Contract for the company’s foreign economic activity.
  3. Certificates for the products imported from China to the United States.
  4. Compliance documents for dangerous goods.

PartnerTrade arranges customs clearance in the USA. We work with trusted agents worldwide who will help you clear your cargo and successfully transport it across the border.

Sending and receiving cities

Consolidated shipments are transported to the US from a warehouse in Shenzhen. Delivery is carried out from major cities in China to the west or east coast of the US (to New York or Los Angeles).

Get more with PartnerTrade

Partner Trade is more than just a logistics company. We are an all-in-one service for delivering goods worldwide for your business.

Our services:

  1. Export of goods from China for individuals and legal entities.
  2. Quality control of products from China.
  3. Processing of all customs documents by PartnerTrade employees.
  4. Consultation on the necessary certificates for cargo delivery from China to the USA.
  5. Consolidation of goods until shipment at our warehouse in Shenzhen.
  6. Cargo insurance at the request of the client.
  7. Constant informing customers about goods location.
  8. Warehouse logistics in warehouses in NY and LA.

Our managers will offer the most convenient delivery option, considering the cargo characteristics. You will carry out transportation to America much cheaper with us than if you did the shipping yourself.


How to send a commercial batch of goods to the USA ❓

✔️ For fast goods transportation from China to America, call PartnerTrade managers.

What is the shipping cost to the USA ❓

✔️ The delivery cost depends on the cargo and the method of transportation. Our managers can report the exact cost.

How long does it take to ship to the USA ❓

✔️ Express delivery – 7-10 days, standard air freight – 10-14 days, “fast sea” – 30-35 days, standard sea transportation – 35-45 days.

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