PartnerTrade offers comprehensive logistics services to help get your goods where they need to go. One of our shipping services is ground transportation. All of our ground shipping comes with online tracking, so you know where your goods are all the way to their final destination.

Benefits of Ground Shipping

Ground shipping involves transporting goods via road or rail. Some benefits of ground transportation include:

  • It can be customized to meet specialized needs
  • Economical method of transportation
  • Fewer package restrictions

You can trust our organized ground transportation services to deliver your goods to the right place, at the right time.

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How Ground Shipping Works in Logistics

Ground transportation services are used for both long- and short-distance transportation of goods. The most common vehicles used for ground shipping are trucks and trains.

Firstly, the shipment is picked up at the shipper’s location. Because we only ship commercial cargo, this will usually be a business address.

After collecting the shipment, it is transported to a third-party warehouse or service provider. Once there, the shipment is sorted and integrated with other loads bound for the same destination.

Finally, the items are arranged and grouped further. These groupings are based on items that will be delivered to the same place.

Selecting the Right Logistics Company for Ground Shipping

Choosing the right company to handle your logistics isn’t easy. To ensure no delays and frustration, ensure you choose an experienced and organized logistics company like PartnerTrade. With our one-day delivery and cost-effective ground delivery, you can be confident that your commercial cargo will arrive on schedule. Find out more about how we can help move your products quickly and efficiently.