If you’re an Amazon seller, you know the benefits of using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to manage your inventory and handle your orders. An FBA prep center is a third-party service that provides product preparation and fulfillment services for Amazon sellers.

FBA prep center service

FBA is a popular service that allows sellers to store their products in Amazon’s warehouses and have Amazon handle the shipping and customer service. However, preparing a product takes time, efforting, and complexity, especially for sellers who are just starting or need more resources. That’s where FBA prep center services come in. These services specialize in preparing products for FBA, including labeling, packaging, and shipping.

Such services can include a variety of tasks, such as labeling, packaging, and quality control inspections. These services ensure that products are properly prepared and ready for FBA, saving sellers time and resources.

FBA prep center services

FBA prep services offer a range of features that make it easier for sellers to manage their inventory and fulfill their orders. 

Here are some of the prep center services:

  1. Product Inspection

Prep services offer product inspection services to ensure your products meet Amazon’s standards and are ready to be shipped to their fulfillment centers. The inspection process includes checking the quality of the product, verifying the quantity, and ensuring that the packaging and labeling meet Amazon’s requirements.

  1. Labeling

Amazon requires specific labeling for products that are stored in their fulfillment centers. Prep services can help sellers comply with these requirements by providing labeling services, including printing and applying barcodes, warning labels, and other required labels.

  1. Packaging

Amazon has specific packaging requirements for products stored in its fulfillment centers. Prep services can help sellers meet these requirements by providing custom packaging solutions that protect products during shipping and storage. This can help reduce the risk of damage or loss during the fulfillment process.

  1. Bundling

Amazon encourages sellers to bundle products to increase sales and improve the customer experience. Prep services can help sellers create bundles by assembling multiple products into a single package, adding custom packaging and labeling, and ensuring the bundle complies with Amazon’s guidelines.

  1. Returns Processing

Prep services can also help sellers manage returns by receiving and processing returned products, inspecting them, and returning them to inventory or disposing of them as needed. This can help sellers save time and reduce the hassle of handling returns.

  1. Inventory Management

Prep services can help sellers manage their inventory by tracking product quantities, monitoring inventory levels, and providing reports on inventory performance. This can help sellers make informed decisions about their inventory and ensure they have the right products in stock at the right time.

Prep service for amazon sellers offers a range of features to help them prepare and ship their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Amazon prep services features

Managing all aspects of your business can be overwhelming as an Amazon FBA seller, from product sourcing and inventory management to customer service and marketing. That’s where prep services come in.


The working process of an FBA prep center service typically involves the following steps:

  1. Product Shipment: The seller ships their products to the FBA prep center service. This can be done via courier, postal service, or another shipping method.
  1. Product Inspection: The FBA prep center inspects the products to meet Amazon’s labeling, packaging, and quality control requirements.
  1. Product Preparation: The FBA prep center service prepares the products for FBA, including labeling, packaging, and bundling or kitting.
  1. Shipping: The FBA prep center service ships the products to Amazon’s warehouses, storing them until sold.

FBA prep center services can be a valuable resource for third-party sellers looking to streamline their operations and focus on growing their businesses. With the right FBA prep center, sellers can save time and resources, ensure their products are correctly prepared for shipment, and improve their efficiency and profitability.

Prep service for Amazon sellers

Prep services can be a game-changer for Amazon sellers, particularly those just starting or those with limited time and resources to manage their Amazon business. 

FBA Prep Center

Here are some key benefits of using a prep service:

Quality control. Using a prep service, you can minimize the risk of receiving negative customer feedback due to product quality or presentation issues. A good prep service will inspect your products to meet Amazon’s strict requirements.

Time-saving. You can focus on other aspects of your business by outsourcing the product preparation and shipping process to a prep service. This can be particularly helpful for Amazon sellers operating multiple products or having a high sales volume.

Cost-effective. While a cost is associated with using a prep service, it can often be more cost-effective than handling the process in-house. This is because a prep service can leverage economies of scale to provide cost savings on shipping and packaging materials.

Increased efficiency. A good prep service will have streamlined processes to ensure products are prepared and shipped quickly and efficiently. This can reduce the time it takes for your products to reach customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved sales.

Flexibility. Most prep services range from essential product preparation to more advanced services. This allows Amazon sellers to customize their service based on their needs and budget.

A prep service can be an invaluable resource for Amazon sellers looking to streamline their operations and improve the quality of their products. By outsourcing the product preparation and shipping process to a third-party provider, Amazon sellers can focus on growing their business and providing a positive customer experience.

FBA prep services pricing

The cost of FBA prep services can vary depending on several factors, including the type of service you need, the volume of products you have, and the complexity of the preparation process. 

Some of the factors that can impact the cost of FBA prep services include the following:

  1. Product type: the product you are selling can impact the cost of FBA prep services. Some products may require more complex preparation, such as bundling or kitting, which can be more expensive than essential preparation.
  1. Labeling requirements: Amazon has strict labeling requirements for FBA products, and failure to comply with these requirements can result in fees or even account suspension. FBA prep services can help ensure that your products are correctly labeled, but the cost of labeling services can vary based on the type and quantity of labels required.
  1. Packaging: proper packaging is critical for ensuring that your products arrive at Amazon’s warehouses in good condition. FBA prep services can help with packaging, but the cost can depend on the size and weight of your products and the type of packaging required.
  1. Volume: your product volume can impact the cost of FBA prep services. It is essential to consider your overall product volume when choosing a service.

When choosing a service, it’s essential to consider its price, overall value, and quality. By working with reliable Amazon prep services, sellers can save time and resources while ensuring that their products are correctly prepared and ready for fulfillment by Amazon.

Advantages of working with us

PartnerTrade has many years of experience selling on Amazon and providing shipping, customs clearance, storage, and other warehousing services in the US. The presence of large warehouses and experienced staff allows PartnerTrade to offer the following services:

  • Packaging – thousands of SKUs per day for each warehouse.
  • Marking.
  • Delivery to Amazon warehouses, other marketplaces, or US postal services.

In addition to high productivity and the availability of large warehouse areas, the advantages of PartnerTrade include favorable tariffs for services and the availability of many tariff plans. You will find the best conditions for yourself.


I don’t need repacking of goods before the sale, and barcodes can also be pasted in China. Why do I need the prep center services in the USA?

You can do without a prep center if you are confident in your manufacturer and transport company. But in case of product damage or other extraordinary situations, no one will insure you. In the case of cooperation with a new product manufacturer, we recommend, at least at the beginning, carrying out third-party control over his activities.

I want to work under Amazon’s FBM scheme. Can I use your company’s warehouses?

Yes. We provide complete fulfillment services for Amazon FBM sellers.

How can I pay for your prep center services?

You can pay for our services using Paypal or make bank transfers in cash.

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