Future of Amazon selling: note for entrepreneurs

Future of Amazon selling: note for entrepreneurs

What to expect in 2023 for Amazon sellers? These expectations are based on trends and strategies to find success for entrepreneurs. The market does not stand still, and you must keep up with trends to attract product buyers. Take notes and try to implement something from this list for your business.

What innovations should be in the marketplace?

So, these are the Top 5 things to expect to see this year.

Greater targeting of the audience

Amazon continues developing an ad display campaign option to mirror its managed demand-side platform (DSP). It is expected to continue seeing more self-serve audience targeting opportunities this year as Sponsored Display grows and is embraced by Amazon advertisers.

Increasing video content

With the rollout of sponsored video advertising a few years ago and continued promotion of Amazon Live, expects to see more video options. This could look like additional placements for existing or entirely new video features. Regardless, Amazon has no doubt taken note of the success of other short video platforms (like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels) and is finding ways to incorporate more of this familiar medium into the shopping app.

Options for attracting buyers

For years, Amazon has aggressively guarded customer information. This is because Amazon wants to keep shoppers in its marketplace and reduces their ability to buy directly from brands that sell on it. Amazon must balance retaining its customers and giving brands more opportunities to engage with them. One of the latest developments in the beta version of Customer Engagement allows email campaigns to be sent to brand followers. Posts also seem like a solution for brands to share their curated content with shoppers on the platform organically. Expect Amazon to continue to explore this balance in 2023, finding ways for brands to create more engaging content and engagement opportunities when shopping.

Continuous improvement of the interface

Amazon continues to update its platforms and how each of them works. This includes the general Amazon merchant site, the app, Amazon Ads, Vendor, and Seller Central. Notorious for changing layouts or display locations for features, Amazon is constantly testing new areas and formats without warning or notifying users. This trend to continue, but 2023 will see new features that have been tested throughout 2022. This includes additional placement of sponsored display ads on the site, breakthrough B2B sales reporting in supplier and merchant interfaces, and the inclusion of more brand metrics in Amazon Ads.

More multi-channel options

As e-commerce grows, so does the space where people shop. Rarely do customers engage more with a brand on a single platform. We’re moving seamlessly from email to social media to websites and shopping apps on our devices, and Amazon and other tech giants are working to close this data gap. Multiple opportunities for brands to engage with shoppers on multiple platforms increase the likelihood of purchase. In 2023, Amazon will introduce more multi-channel options that allow brands to showcase their products on various platforms that drive back shopping on Amazon. The Amazon Attribution tool is used to measure ad traffic outside of Amazon, but it could be better and more complete data. More robust tools are expected to emerge with the new year and the continued growth and integration of e-commerce into everyday life.


These are the top five predictions from Amazon in 2023, based on what has been seen on the marketplace throughout 2022. With Amazon’s continued growth and dominance in the e-commerce space, new and exciting opportunities and features are bound to emerge.

Therefore, entrepreneurs who sell their goods on this marketplace need to introduce something new in their activities to attract even more buyers this year and get the desired profit from the sales of their products.

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