How our Warehouse and Shipping Services can Help You

How our Warehouse and Shipping Services can Help You

When it comes to conducting a business, there are countless different facets of logistics to maintain smooth operations. Warehousing and shipping refers to the part of a business that manages the accumulation of physical goods, typically for distribution around a business’ service range. Even as some smaller businesses are beginning to move away from brick-and-mortar storefronts, warehousing remains an essential part of the supply chain, and is imperative for any business that wants to produce or transport goods around the country, or even the world.

Any physical goods that a business sells require a location to store the goods. Warehousing allows these shipped goods to stay in a safe place, often managed by an independent warehousing company called a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company. PartnerTrade is one 3PL company that can boast bi-coastal, weather-proof, and secure warehouses, through insulated construction and on-site trained security personnel. When organized this way, warehouse shipping through PartnerTrade can provide many benefits to alleviate the headache of inventory management, and provide peace of mind.


In addition to storage, warehousing also refers to the shipping of goods from the warehouse to the consumer or secondary distributor, also known as fulfillment. Whether by plane, truck, train, or freight ship, warehousing can provide many different options for businesses to ship their products into consumers’ hands. A huge benefit of working with warehousing companies is the access to expertly trained transportation staff that minimizes or eliminates any damages that may occur during transit. 

Aside from the physical logistics of maintaining a warehouse, 3PLs also have to abide by certain legal structures, particularly when shipping internationally. To do this, PartnerTrade has a deep understanding of Incoterms, providing insights on warehousing shipping regulations that may affect certain businesses. Though phrases like “EXW”, “FCA”, “FOB”, or “CFR” may be esoteric to the standard consumer or business owner, PartnerTrade can advise on the structures and regulations of many kinds of shipments, saving the business owner from being blindsided by unexpected international disruptions. 

Freight Ships Transporting Goods

Make your Business Run Smoother

Working with a Third Party Logistics Company provides many warehousing benefits to a growing business. Warehousing allows for the efficient and accurate management of inventories. Since the 3PL company takes on the burden of storing inventory, it will have an accurate count of which products are moving, and which products stay stagnant. This can provide valuable insights for businesses to operate off of, such as which products are popular, where they are being shipped to, and which products have a higher chance of becoming damaged during the shipping process. All of these insights can serve to help business owners evaluate their business practices, resulting in higher and more efficient profits.

Extra Services

Some 3PL shipping warehouses also offer value-added services, such as kitting and assembly, packaging, and labeling. This enables businesses to condense orders that require many different goods into a single package before being shipped from the warehouse, resulting in more efficient shipping, lower emissions/waste, and overall a lower cost for the business. This is incredibly common with businesses that offer many different kinds of goods, or products that come in multiple pieces and need to be built by the consumer, such as furniture or lighting. 3PL companies can also provide insight on how to properly prepare products for shipment to a warehouse, which aids efficiency and prevents mishandling of important goods. 

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Speed up your Supply Chain

More than just the management of goods, warehousing and shipping in this way can also help with business marketing and advertising. If a producer gains a reputation of being slow to ship items, or commonly has damaged or mismarketed goods, that company’s sales can significantly fall. 

Warehousing with a 3PL can prevent pitfalls from poor logistics, and even aid in growing a good reputation for a business. Giveaways and review services are an excellent way to get a business’ name out there, and 3PL companies make sure that items get where they need to be efficiently and accurately.


Warehousing and shipping with a 3PL like PartnerTrade can bring many benefits to businesses new and old. With our secure warehouses, advice on warehouse shipping practices, and consistent, insured delivery, PartnerTrade’s reputation in logistics can bring business owners peace of mind when it comes to the shipment of their products. For warehouse shipping needs, trustworthy facility maintenance, and efficient transportation, contact PartnerTrade today.