How to find your PayPal account number

How to find your PayPal account number

We have already written about the popular PayPal payment system, some may even have made purchases through it. But there are cases when account number may be required for security reasons. How to find your PayPal account number?

My PayPal account number

PayPal, unlike the others, does not give you an individual number, like a bank account number or a WebMoney wallet number. It uses linking by email address identification.

When creating a PayPal account, you enter an email address. This email address is your PayPal ID. It will be used for different purposes: to confirm your account, receive mailings and restore access.

Thus, the account number replaces the PayPal email address to which you registered the account. Therefore, if you need to give someone or find someone’s PayPal account number, just enter an email address.

Security of your PayPal Wallet

Since an email address is pretty much public information, its security should be treated with greater responsibility. Be sure to register your email address only on trusted and reliable services, such as Gmail from Google. Set a complex password and all available identification methods: mobile number, trusted addresses, security questions. We recommend using different passwords for email and wallet.

All payments in the system are performed through a secure connection, and all numbers of payment cards are kept secret. Do not give anyone your card number to which the wallet is linked. The first sign of a fraudster is the requirement to provide any information other than the mail address: your payment card number, CVC / CVV code, expiration date, and other information. Also you, as a seller, do not need to specify this information when receiving money to account.

First of all, PayPal is required if you are willing to sell on eBay, where payment for goods is carried out directly from your personal account through PayPal. How to start your business on eBay? In our blog we regularly upload new articles on the development of your business to the Western market.

Conclusions: PayPal is designed in such a way that for conducting currency transactions you only need to give the email to which your account was linked, which is also your PayPal account number. Keep secret any other payment information: a PayPal-linked payment card number, its security code, etc.

Partner Trade wishes everyone a secure business!