How to get Prime Amazon icon?

How to get Prime Amazon icon?

What is the Amazon Prime program?

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription to fast delivery and other benefits from Amazon:

Fast delivery within 2 days for a customer.

Access to tons of multimedia content: movies, TV series, TV shows, books and music for subscribers.

Free access to games and cloud photo storage for your family.

Prime is an access to Amazon Lightning Deals 30 minutes before the start.

How much does a subscription to Amazon Prime cost?

Prime subscription offers three plans:

  • Prime Video – for $9 per month, you get access to movies and TV shows.
  • Prime for a month – for $11 per month, you get a full Prime account.
  • Prime for a year – for $99 per year, you get a 25% discount for a Prime account.

Monthly subscriptions can be stopped at any time if desired. Amazon Prime subscription is paid separately at each Amazon trading platform.

What benefits does a seller have for having a Prime account?

The most important advantage of a Prime account on Amazon is the possibility to post reviews without a minimum purchase of $50. It will come in handy when replying to your product reviews.

How to add a Prime icon in listing?

Prime icon is assigned to products that are sold through FBA.

In the eyes of a customer, listing with Prime is a free and fast delivery.