How to list products on Etsy

How to list products on Etsy

After you have registered via our referral link, you will immediately receive 40 free listings and will be able to list your goods on Etsy. Although there is nothing difficult in the process of listing a product on Etsy, yet we prepared a convenient step-by-step instruction.

Step 1. Go to the listing menu.

To do this, go to Your shop and click Listings → Add a listing

Step 2. Add photos and listing details

You can add from 1 to 5 photos. Take a picture of your product from different angles. You can zoom in unique details of the product. The photos should be of high quality in order to interest a buyer, so that he got the right idea of how the product looks like.

Enter the title of your product. The title should be   grammatically correct and describe what is in the photo. Specify the type of product, its title, style in which it was made. The quality of the title determines whether the buyer finds it through a search.

Next, specify who made the product. Keep in mind that Etsy allows to sell only handmade or vintage items.

Choose a category. Check which category your competitors list products in. Often, buyers use the search by categories, not keywords, and that is why the right choice of category is just as important as a title.

Step 3. Add the price, quantity and detailed product description

The cost of your product should depend on the cost of production, the price of delivery, Etsy and PayPal fees, as well as the desired profit.

We recommend selecting manual renewal option. Also, select the type of product – physical or digital.

«Description» field is one of the most important. Here you should describe in detail all the information about the product, its uniqueness, characteristics, origin and special offers.

Step 4. Enter the shipping information

Choose shipping options and enter item characteristics. Etsy will offer you to automatically calculate the cost by entering the point of departure and considering the size and weight. By saving these settings, they can be used for other listings without wasting your time. It is here where you will specify the address of the Partner Trade warehouses and position yourself as a local seller.

Step 5. Search terms

Add tags that will also be taken into account when searching. Keywords in the title and tags should be much the same. You can add 13 tags. Mind that the category name will automatically be as a tag, so you can omit it.

Next, write about the materials you used to make your products.

Last fields are not so obligatory, but still desirable. You can specify for which holiday your product is best suited; the style in which it was made, as well as the target audience.

Step 6. Listing in English

This step is necessary for those who chose the Russian language during registration. The problem that you do not have views on Etsy may be due to the fact that your listing, although it was done in English, may not be displayed to residents of other countries due to the Russian language of the shop. To solve this problem, you need to change the language, after which the following fields may appear on the already created listing pages, which you need to fill in with the previously entered information.

That’s it! Now click on the «Publish» button and the product will appear in your shop!

If you are a novice seller, when making a listing, we recommend using listings of your competitors that are sold well as an example. And complete your profile only in English.