How to measure irregularly shaped objects: a memo to the sender

How to measure irregularly shaped objects: a memo to the sender

T-shirts, books, and soft items are easy to fold and pack. But what if you have an irregularly shaped object in front of you? How do measure it correctly and reduce the rates for air delivery or shipment by ship? PartnerTrade provides a universal formula for calculating oversized goods in this article. 

What are irregularly shaped goods? 

Parcels beyond the dimensions established for transportation are called non-standard shape items. They can cause inconvenience during shipment, mainly when taking measurements, and drive additional costs. Anything can be such an object, from a vase to a car mirror or a wheel. 

This category includes everything that does not fit into the shape of a rectangle or square and does not fit in a regular cardboard box. 

Why is the packaging of irregularly shaped items a complicated process? 

When importing to the United States or another country, non-standard items must be carefully measured and packaged, as they can cost significantly more to ship. In addition, oddly shaped items need extra protection and special transportation conditions.

So, the delivery of non-standard-sized products causes difficulties because:

  1. Items require special transportation conditions.
  2. Shipping costs may be higher.
  3. Products require special packaging and labeling.
  4. Transportation of such goods requires more complex logistics.

How to calculate the circumference of a product? 

When calculating the perimeter of a square or rectangular package, use this method: Girth = (2 x height) + (2 x width). You can find out the perimeter of a triangular box with this formula: Girth = the sum of 3 sides of a triangle. 

If you need to transport pipes, their girth will be the circumference (π x diameter, where π = 3.14). Diameter is the “circumference,” the distance across the flat, round side of the tube. 

How to measure length, width, and height 

If you need to send a fishing rod, measure its length. Length is the longest side of an object. The width is the second-longest side of the package. Height is the side of the parcel in a “standing” form. When measuring a tire, ascertain its size from the floor to the top. 

How do measure objects of unusual shape? 

Custom-shaped goods are measured using the formula: 

Overall Size = Length + Girth 

In this case, the length is the most elongated side of the object, and the circumference is the measurement around the most convex part of the package (perpendicular to the length). If you are shipping a guitar case, you need to measure it around the most convex side of the body. 

The following examples can make the measurement process easier: 

Image 1: Measurement of goods to calculate the cost of shipping products of non-standard dimensions

If you are sending a package longer than 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.5 s (L x W x H) and weighs 500 kg+, it is better to contact the logistics company ParterTrade manager for advice. 

He will tell you what to do before shipping non-standard goods, calculate the exact estimate for their delivery and recommend a warehouse in the importing country. 

How to pack custom-sized items 

Cylindrical goods

Image 2: Example of packaging for cylindrical goods

Products such as industrial pipes should secure pallets with straps. The goods should not go beyond the pallet, and the pallet itself must be stacked. 

Large items 

Image 3: Oversized parcels shipping

Large and bulky items without packaging should secure with straps on pallets. You can separate them with a plank frame or cover them with a box. It is necessary to put a filler in the container with the goods to protect the sharp corners. 

Products with sharp edges 

Image 4: Proper packing of items with sharp edges

Workers should wrap items with sharp corners in protective padding before packing them into the box. Nothing should stick out of the box, otherwise, the goods can damage during packaging and conveyance. Make sure that the box or pallet matches the size of the product. 

When sending goods of non-standard size and shape to Amazon or another marketplace, you need to consider many nuances. It is vital to measure the items correctly to fit on a pallet or box. The cost of shipping depends on how you measure the object correctly.

3pl operator PartnerTrade will help solve this puzzle – we will advise you on how to correctly measure wares, calculate the route and recommend the cheapest way to deliver your cargo abroad. 


What are irregular shapes? 

These are goods that go beyond the dimensions accepted for the carriage of goods. They are difficult to transport and do not fit in a standard shipping box. 

Why do I need to measure items before shipping accurately? 

Incorrect measurements can result in an inflated price for the transportation of goods. 

How to correctly measure the circumference of goods of non-standard dimensions? 

There is a universal formula for this. Girth = (width + height) x 2. How do determine the measurements of oversized products? You need to add the length to the girth. 

How should irregularly shaped items be packed? 

It would be best if you fastened pipes to pallets with straps, and they should not go beyond the boundaries of the pallets. If it is an acute-angled product, it is worth putting a filler between it to protect the corners from damage.