How to properly prepare your product for shipment to warehouse?

How to properly prepare your product for shipment to warehouse?

Take a photo of your product before shipment

The photos should be of high quality to give the right idea to the customer about how the product looks like. There are also some recommendations that should be followed when making a picture of your products (for Amazon):

  • Photo resolution should be at least 2000 x 2000 px;
  • Photos should look professional;
  • You can add up to 9 photos, show your product from different sides and angles;
  • The main photo should be taken on a white background. Only the product itself should be there.
  • You can add infographics or bonuses on other photos;
  • If your product has some key or unique elements, you can zoom them in;
  • You can also post a review about the product on the photo;
  • JPEG format is preferable.

Buy an envelope

Each product item has to be placed in an envelope. Since your product will be delivered in this envelope on the territories of the USA and Europe, it should have additional properties. The envelope should be waterproof to avoid possible damage to the product. If your product is fragile or has fragile elements, the envelope has to be with a bubble wrap inside.

Stick a QR-code on the package of each product item

After we put your product into our database, it gets a unique code which tells about the content of the package. Our specialist sends you this code by email, after which you should print it out and stick it on each package.

Put each product item in a separate envelope

All product items should be packed separately. If your lot includes several items (for example, you are going to sell toys that come in pairs) or the purchase of product goes with a gift (bonus), they should be packed in one package.

Put all envelopes in a box

After you packed all the goods, take the envelopes and put them in a box. If you use UkrPoshta, you can buy the box in their post office.

Send the parcel to our warehouses in the USA or Europe

Before sending the parcel, the post office workers will put the information about the sender and recipient (name, address, telephone) on the box. Write down this information in advance.

And that’s it. When the goods are delivered by the transport company to one of our nearest offices, we will collect and ship the batch to our warehouses. After that, we check the integrity of the package and its compliance with the quantity stated in the documents. You get a report within 24 hours.

We offer a short video on the topic of publication:

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