How to successfully sell goods in 26 EU countries

How to successfully sell goods in 26 EU countries

Many sellers after the first successful launches on Amazon in the US consider selling their goods to Europe in order to increase the number of sales even more. And if you do not do this for some reason, let Partner Trade share information on how to start selling to Europe. This will help decide whether to study the possibility of expanding your business using the services of Amazon Start or Fulfillment by Partner Trade (spoiler: it’s worth it).

Amazon’s European Fulfillment Network

Amazon’s European Fulfillment Network (EFN) gives FBA sellers a unique opportunity to keep stocks in one of the FBA warehouses in Europe and trade on several European markets at once. With EFN, all 5 Amazon trading platforms with their customers are open for you: Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy. And your product, which is located on one of the Euro-FBA (for example in the UK), will go to a client in another country. Order management of all 5 trading platforms can be conducted from one seller’s account on British Amazon.

Fulfillment by Partner Trade

But what about customers in the other twenty countries of Central Europe, where the “local versions” of Amazon are missing?

European eBay

Do not forget that there are more than 10 local eBay marketplaces in Europe where you can also list your goods. Since eBay is an integrated network, one account will allow you to list your products on all local markets. And these listings on Ebay can be made available for delivery to all 26 countries. Regardless of where your customer is located, you can always contact him!


Sellers of handmade goods on Etsy become hostages of a long delivery of goods to the USA or Europe, because it reduces the attractiveness of products and complicates competition with local craftsmen. Take the first step to meet your customers and reduce the delivery time to several days through our European warehouses.

Other platforms

In addition to mentioned above, we suggest paying your attention to local and regional platforms. There are several dozen of them in our data base now. Each of them has a great potential for its region and theme.

Where to begin?

All you need is to use our fulfillment centers located in Central and Northern Europe and deliver your goods to customers directly from our warehouses through a fast and reliable European mail service.

Algorithm for entering the European market

So, let’s say you are a successful seller or just decided to enter the European market. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Create an account on one of the European websites;
  2. Arrange for delivery of your goods to one of our warehouses that you want to use;
  3. List the goods from your account on all trading platforms in Europe (optional);
  4. Specify the possibility of delivery to all 26 countries and the address of our warehouse as the shipping address, positioning yourself as a “local seller”.

These simple actions will provide your customers with a fast, cheap and high-quality delivery, which can also be tracked.

What does it mean for your business? Does it matter to you that you can easily deliver your goods to customers throughout Europe after a brief preparatory work?

Of course it matters! With the help of European online marketing platforms, your sales will increase in a short term, or, at maximum, in a medium term! This is facilitated by the quality of the product, customer service at the highest level, timely processing of returns and problem solving in case something happens out of your control. Do you really want to sit on the sidelines and let other sellers explore new markets without you? If not, contact Partner Trade! Our experts will help expand your business by opening the potential for trading on foreign markets. We will also provide a full step-by-step implementation of all the processes described in this article!