Lightning Deals tool on Amazon

Lightning Deals tool on Amazon

Lightning Deals is a kind of a discount on Amazon. It is valid for a certain time (several hours) during which the seller indicates how much goods to sell. Apart from getting to the page of discounts on Amazon, it also sends a mailout.

How to sell off all goods –– Lightning Deals on Amazon

Lightning Deals is a tool that can be used as a part of Amazon promotion strategy.

In the Advertising menu on, there is a Lightning Deals option where offers from Amazon appear, both free and paid for $300. Each Lightning Deal contains the conditions for the minimum quantity of goods for sale and the maximum price at which you can sell through Lightning Deals.

Deals appear without any notifications, but in advance. Check this menu once a week not to miss it.

You can view products selling at this discount in the section «Today’s Deals» using the corresponding filter on Amazon.

Why do you need Lightning Deals?

The main purpose of this deal is to empty the warehouse. Reasons to sell off goods may be many depending on the seller’s motives. But during the sale, products’ BSR rises and they continue to sell well for some time even after it ended.

  • you can quickly sell off the goods;
  • you empty the FBA warehouse from the non-demanded products;
  • advertising at the expense of Amazon;
  • seller chooses the number of products for sale-out;
  • Amazon defines the price threshold and the minimum quantity of goods;
  • the possibility to launch sale-out is not always available;
  • income is almost equal to 0.

We recommend using this feature to sell off unpopular products and empty the FBA warehouse. Since long-term storage of large-format or heavy goods through Amazon Fulfillment can leave you without a profit margin.