Pallets broke into the online market

Pallets broke into the online market

Of all the parts of the supply chain, no item could be more accurately described as undervalued than the pallet. Often thrown away, left on the street, or burned, the pallet serves only one purpose. However, without it, global trade can come to a complete halt.

Let’s talk about them in more detail

The history of the pallet goes back nearly 100 years, possibly even more, as some internet searches indicate that it may date back to the 1880s. So, pallets are a necessary cost of doing business. PartnerTrade presents a new approach to this indispensable supply chain and logistics element.

Regardless of when the pallet was introduced, this collection of wood and nails, arranged so that heavy goods can be stacked several feet high, has become an essential element in the movement of goods in the supply chain.

But at the end of the shift, pallets are often thrown away. Many are reused and traded between companies with surplus and those in need. Some, however, are thrown away, where they become bike ramps for the neighborhood kids or firewood.

Thousands of small businesses collect pallets, repair them and resell them to other businesses. This process is repeated daily and usually manually. With few national pallet resale shops, the secondary pallet market is a local phenomenon rather than a ubiquitous resource.

This may change

An e-commerce marketplace for pallet sellers and buyers has emerged, aiming to make buying and selling pallets as easy as shopping on Amazon.

The PalletTrader market has been operating for almost two months, having already conducted thousands of transactions. The idea came up about four years ago after realizing there was no online market for pallets, despite their widespread and repeated use.

But unlike the current process, a buyer can purchase pallets with a few clicks of a mouse, and money changes hands. There is no need to wait for a purchase order to be created, a check to clear, or a non-secure payment.

The concept of a market does not change the dynamics of the resale market. It takes the process online. Now you can enter the single market online and view offers and prices in one place. The site is searchable by pallet size or other customization needs and offers online tools to help manage pallet purchases and sales. Simple, clean, and efficient – everyone in the supply chain wins.

The need for such an element in logistics at various levels makes pallets an integral part of supply chains. With their help, shippers can get more advantages in terms of cost, technical support, strategy, and the fulfillment of more deliveries.

PartnerTrade is a reliable logistics operator with a wide selection of services for transporting goods to different parts of the world. We provide the best service and optimal solutions for your cargo.

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