Private Label breaks into trends

Private Label breaks into trends

If you are considering selling on Amazon, you have probably already heard about Amazon Private Label and how it has helped millions of sellers increase their sales.

Recently, the popularity of selling Private Label products has been increasing significantly, as in today’s world, purchasing goods online is gaining momentum.

Growth was noticeable before, but the first quarter of 2022 made it clear. It was recording a 6.5% increase in sales compared to last year, reports the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)

This is the third monthly report PLMA in a row in which earnings show significant growth and continue to outperform national brands.

Why is PL popular among buyers?

The buyers’ survey speaks about the main advantage they see when choosing PL products – the same or better quality for less money and availability. This advantage indicates that Private Label will continue to show strong growth, especially against heightened price sensitivity due to high inflation.

Private Label product growth trends

Consumers are increasingly confident in buying private label brand products and thus grew sales in various categories, from consumer goods to clothing. Growth trends have opened up in products such as food, household goods, and others.

The following is the data from the January 2022 Insider Intelligence report titled “Private Label Flash Survey” conducted by Bizrate Insights. The Bizrate Rewards panel is comprised of a broad demographic profile representing a sampling of all ages, genders, and incomes.

There was a time consumers thought that private label brands were just generic cheap alternatives. But now, consumers are choosing these viable options amid rising costs and shortages. At the same time, retailers are improving quality, creating attractive packaging, and enhancing marketing for their brands. Together, these developments make private label offerings a more critical part of retailer strategies.

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