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Can you help with creating shipping labels for FBA?
We have a manual that will help you do that.
Can you help me find out about all the duties and taxes for my products before shipping?
Yes, we can. We'll need the HS code of your product, then our broker will make research and provide the information about the duties. Nevertheless, you need to know that customs always reserves the right to make corrections.
Do you guarantee the shipping of a shipment on time?
Yes, we do. We have the exact schedule for each departure. If anything changes, we inform you about in advance.
Do you provide fulfillment services?
Yes, this option is available.
Do you have equipment for temperature control of perishable products?
We don't for now, but we are working on this.
What is the delivery time from your warehouse to the Amazon FBA warehouse?
Once the cargo arrives at our warehouse we get in touch with you for arranging the pick-up and further delivery. The trucking company picks up the cargo and we provide you with a signed BOL. From the pick-up moment delivery could take up to 3- 7 days (average transit time based on our clients' experience). Delivery terms for inland transportation in the USA depend on : 1) the address of Amazon's warehouse; 2) season ( in Q4 could schedule could be tight) ; 3) amazon appointment time ( Amazon makes an appointment for the trucking company).
Can you arrange the certificates for products for me? If not, where can I get them?
For receiving such documents you need to ask your supplier. If you are a manufacturer of the products yourself then you need to ask regulatory authorities. Our company can't provide such services.