Can you aid me in generating shipping labels for FBA?
Yes, we can help! We have a manual that can help you with this.
Can you help me find out my product's duties and taxes before shipping?
Yes! We'll need the HS code of your product, and then our broker will research the duties and taxes that will apply. Remember that customs always reserves the right to make corrections so that additional costs may be involved. However, we'll do everything possible to ensure you have the most accurate information before shipping your product.
Do you guarantee on-time shipments?
Yes, we do guarantee on-time shipments. We have the exact schedule for each departure and If anything changes, we will inform you about it in advance. We understand how important it is for you to receive your shipment on time, and we will do everything we can to ensure that happens.
Do you provide fulfillment services?
Yes, this option is available. Our fulfillment services are designed to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience.
Do you have types of equipment for temperature control of perishable products?
Currently, we don't have any types of equipment for temperature control of perishable products. However, we are working on this and hope to have something available soon.
What is the delivery time from your warehouse to the Amazon FBA warehouse?

The delivery will take between 3-7 days from the pickup moment. This time is calculated based on our client experience. We will reach out to you as soon as your cargo arrives at our warehouse to schedule a pick-up time and final destination. Once the Trucking company picks up the Cargo, we will provide a signed BOL.

Delivery terms for inland transportation in the USA depend on:

    1. The address of Amazon's warehouse
    2. The season ( In Q4, scheduling may be tight)
    3. The appointment time with amazon (Amazon makes a reservation for the trucking company).
Can you help me acquire the certificates for the products? If not, then where can I obtain them myself?
Our company can't provide these services. You should be able to get the certificates from your supplier or the regulatory authorities without any problem.