The rise of e-commerce has opened up a whole new world of shipping your products to consumers around the globe. With the click of a button, consumers can purchase goods from virtually any corner of the world, and we can deliver them straight to their doorstep. 

Cargo transportation to Canada from China from the PartnerTrade company

As a result, international shipping has become increasingly popular. And such a direction as delivery from China to Canada opens up many opportunities for e-commerce entrepreneurs by allowing them to sell Chinese goods on well-known marketplaces. 

3pl operator PartnerTrade helps businesses organize international commercial cargo shipments from China to Amazon warehouse in Canada.
Shipping from China to Canada is a complex process that requires careful planning and coordination.

What types of delivery from China to Canada we provide:

Several options for delivery from China to Canada are available when shipping products. The most common shipping methods are:

Shipping Method Weight/volume of cargo Delivery time Regularity Delivery type
Air freight from 100 kg 10-14 days departure on request door-to-door
Ocean freight from 1 m³ 50-60 days departure on request door-to-door

Air freight from China to Canada

Air freight from China to Canada is the fastest way of shipping products. It is better for smaller shipments, as it is typically more expensive. However, it is often the best option when speed is a top priority (your cargo will be in Canada within 10-14 days);

air freight from china to canada

Shipping by ocean from China to Canada

Ocean shipping from China to Canada is the most cost-effective method of shipping products. Ocean freight is ideal for larger shipments, as it can take longer to transport goods (from 22 days). However, it is often the best option for bulky or heavy items that would be prohibitively expensive to ship by air.

ocean freight from china to canada

FCL and LCL shipping

FCL shipping – to deliver your goods in a full container (20, 40, or 45-foot container) fully loaded with your goods.

A Full Container Load shipping method is required when:

  • there is a large batch of cargo (from 20 m³);
  • it is necessary to send a large batch of goods at once without dividing them into several transportations;
  • it is needed to assemble, load, and ship the cargo quickly.

LCL – is the placement of cargo from several shippers in one container.

Cargo consolidation (Less Container Load) is chosen when:

  • cargo volume is less than 20 m³;
  • it is necessary to reduce the financial burden per unit of time and distribute the costs over several transportations;
  • there is an opportunity to wait more time.

Our services

Consolidated cargo containers from China are picked up from various warehouses in the country and sent from the warehouse in Shenzhen to the port or airport. The shipment is then shipped to the destination country and delivered to the Amazon warehouse or our warehouse in Canada.

You can send the goods to our warehouse in Shenzhen yourself or order a shipment from the factory. Couriers will arrive at the specified time and pick up the necessary goods.

our services

Shipping products China-Canada can be complex, but with careful planning and coordination, importing goods quickly and efficiently is possible. By understanding the various shipping methods, customs clearance requirements, and delivery times, you can ensure that your products arrive on time and in good condition.

Our rates

International commercial cargo transportation is our primary competence. You can find the shipping cost from China to Canada from our managers.

Just fill out the special form indicating the following:

  1. Country of departure and delivery address. If the cargo needs to be picked up from the factory, specify this address.
  2. Country and city of receipt. Be sure to write the contacts for timely delivery.
  3. Name and characteristics of the cargo, dimensions, and weight of the pallet or box.

After filling out the form, the manager will contact you and indicate the exact cost of cargo transportation.

How we work

PartnerTrade helps with a China freight forwarder to Canada for small and large business owners at all stages of logistics. We work with legal entities and individuals, B2B, and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small/medium business or an individual entrepreneur; experienced professionals will help you organize:

  • international ocean and air freight;
  • warehouse services;
  • shipping to FBA;
  • consolidated cargo shipping (LCL);
  • full container shipping (FCL);
  • brokerage services;
  • customs clearance;
  • complex logistics from the manufacturer to the buyer;
  • last mile delivery.

Why we are trusted

PartnerTrade organizes prompt and careful transportation of goods.

our advantages

You get the following advantages shipping from China to Canada with us:

  1. Full product support. 

Our managers are constantly in touch with the clients – from ordering to receiving the parcel in Canada. We inform you at every delivery stage so you know exactly where your cargo is.

  1. Documentation compilation. 

PartnerTrade provides recommendations on the preparation of documents. We also export goods on behalf of your company.

  1. Saving money. 

We transport the goods to China-Canada quickly and use the most profitable routes to make the shipping prompt and convenient.

PartnerTrade is your reliable assistant in logistics. Place your order now to get a great deal and quickly get the needed shipment.

Additional services for our clients

PartnerTrade will help your business with international shipping. Our employee is your outsourced logistician. We replace several contractors at the same time, saving clients time, money, and resources. 
We offer logistics and warehouse services for shipping from China to Canada; your products will come as soon as possible for the customer.


What is the shipping cost to Canada from China?

The delivery price depends on the cargo and the method of transportation, and our managers can tell you about the exact cost.

What are our advantages?

PartnerTrade will help your business with international shipping. We offer logistics and warehouse services so your products will come as soon as possible for the customer. With practical experience and logistical tactics, we will optimize your supply chain.

What delivery options from China to Canada does PartnerTrade offer?

Air freight – 10-14 days; ocean freight – 50-60 days. Contact our managers for fast goods delivery to Canada from China.

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