Top questions of an Amazon beginner

Top questions of an Amazon beginner

Choosing Partner Trade, entrepreneurs want to be provided not only with a high level of service, but also with sufficient advices on any issues related to starting a business in Western online stores. We have selected the most popular questions from the very beginners in the direction of creating and customizing sales on Amazon.

Here’s our TOP:

  1. Does the registration of seller on Amazon cost $39? Are there any other option? Is the payment of $39 debited from a card or a seller’s account?
  2. Does all the revenue from Amazon automatically come to added card or remain in the account?
  3. What are the options for withdrawing money from Amazon? Only card?
  4. How to pay taxes in this business?
  5. What is the minimum quantity of goods that can be listed on FBA?
  6. Are there any other restrictions on Amazon: the minimum price of goods, the minimum turnover, or something else?
  7. How much does a click of contextual advertising cost on Amazon?

Answers to these questions are easily found in the official Amazon instructions, or on our website.

  1. Registration is free. The sum of $39 is paid for a professional account. The funds are debited from a debit card after the second month.
  2. Income is accumulated in the account (transferred once every two weeks) minus all commissions and payments to Amazon. The terms of the first payments can be postponed for beginners at their discretion for safety net.
  3. Payoneer is the best option. Or through an American bank account. Why Payoneer is a better option? Check this article.
  4. Payment of taxes depends on your country of residence and legal status.
  5. 1 product item.
  6. Restrictions are specified in the instructions for customer and seller accounts. You should regularly monitor their updates and not miss notifications.
  7. As in all things, demand breeds supply. It can cost from 25 cents to 5 dollars per click.

As always, you can ask any questions in person at the office or by phone. We answer the quickest on our Facebook page