• Safekeeping of goods of various characteristics, including oversized.
  • Advanced optimization of costs for the entire supply chain: cross-docking, co-packing, long-term storage, etc.
  • Fast and accurate order fulfillment services.
  • Enabled shipping of samples to your partners, as well as replenishing the warehouse stock of distributors and distribution networks.

Feel the advantages of the warehouses on both coasts of the USA

Focus on what you do best and leave logistics and fulfillment for professionals.

  • receiving goods in stock;
  • cellular storage at warehouses;
  • order packing;
  • order processing;
  • order picking;
  • shipping across the USA and Canada.
  • inventory tracking;
  • storage in boxes;
  • storage in pallets;
  • long-term and short-term storage.
  • receiving and shipping of goods without storage fees;
  • transshipment of goods from a container to a truck;
  • transshipment of goods from a container to several trucks that head to different destinations;
  • transshipment between trucks.


Partner Trade is an international 3PL operator focused on forwarding goods from China, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand to the USA and Canada. The company also implements a mission of helping manufacturers entering the US markets by providing them with a full chain of logistics and a network of fulfillment centers.

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