• We have everything needed for the quick processing of goods of any complexity
  • We provide safekeeping of goods of various characteristics, including oversized
  • We optimize costs for the entire supply chain: cross-docking, co-packing, long-term storage, etc.
  • We send samples to your partners, as well as replenish the warehouse stock of distributors and distribution networks
  • We take advantage of storage space on both coasts of the USA

Think about business and leave the trouble for professionals!

  • reception of goods at the warehouse;
  • cellular storage at warehouses;
  • order packing;
  • order processing;
  • order picking;
  • shipping across the USA and Canada.
  • location warehousing;
  • storage in boxes;
  • storage in pallets;
  • long-term and short-term storage.
  • reception and shipment of goods without placement in a long-term storage area;
  • transshipment of goods from a container to a car;
  • transshipment of goods from a container to several cars that travel to different destinations;
  • transshipment between cars.


PartnerTrade is an international 3PL operator focused on escorting goods from China and the CIS countries to the USA and Canada. The company also implements a mission of helping Ukrainian manufacturers enter the US markets through complex logistics and a network of order fulfillment centers…