What is etsy and how to open a shop on etsy.com

What is etsy and how to open a shop on etsy.com

Etsy is another online platform that allows people from all over the world to sell their goods online. The feature of this resource is that it allows people earn money from their hobbies. The whole range of goods on Etsy is handmade. Create your online shop and offer your product to the whole world!

How to start your business on Etsy?

There is nothing difficult about it, and our step-by-step instruction is here to help:

  1. Follow our referral link to register. By doing so, you will get 40 free listings (the cost of one listing on Etsy is $0.2). Now click «Sell on Etsy».
  2. Select registration tab. You can use your Facebook or Google account or register from the beginning. Fill in your details (email address must be valid for verification).
  3. A verification email will be sent to the specified email address. Open it and follow the link. This is where the initial registration process ends. Next we need to create our online shop.
  4. Click «Open your Etsy shop». Select your shop language, country, and currency, then click «Save and continue». (We remind you that Fulfillment by Partner Trade gives you an opportunity to “become a local seller.” Otherwise, indicate your real country of residence).
  5. Choose your shop name. Check if it is not taken. After saving all the settings, you will have only one opportunity to change the name.
  6. Add your first product. You can add as many products as you like, but you must pay $0.2 for each listing. Following the referral link, the first 40 products will be listed for free. To activate the bonus you need to add at least one item. This listing can be edited later.
  7. Fill in information about your product. How to do it correctly will be written in the article “How to list products on Etsy”.
  8. Choose the way of receiving payment. You can specify in which way you prefer to receive money from customers: PayPal, check, bank transfer. But keep in mind that most customers use and trust PayPal, therefore, this payment method is convenient primarily for them.
  9. Account Information. Provide valid card information for billing.

After all these steps, click «Open a shop». Information about your shop can be changed at any time.

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