What to sell to Europe

What to sell to Europe

Amazon.com, the market leader in online trading in America, is the most attractive market for selling your goods for currency. But the delivery cost of large-format or heavy goods discourages many people.

What can you sell to Europe?

Only the EU population exceeds 500 million people, whose average income is several times higher than the Ukrainians. If you are satisfied with your sales in Ukraine, just imagine what opportunities European market can offer. You can sell any goods that are not prohibited for import in Europe and have all necessary certificates and permits.

What can you sell to Europe from Ukraine?

Ukraine is a resource-rich country that can offer a variety of raw materials for sale to Europe. But the cost of raw materials will always be lower than that of a finished product. Wood, amber or berries are valuable resources, but after some processing stages, you get a finished product that is several times more valuable and attractive. Although, there are some exceptions: honey, for example, is a primary product that is more valuable without processing.

What is profitable to sell to Europe?

It is profitable to sell fashion jewelry and hand-made products to Europe from Ukraine or Russia. Popular goods on the European market are:

  • wood products, such as children’s toys with eco-quality certificates,
  • jam and berry marmalade,
  • decorative items made of reed,
  • dishes and souvenirs made of clay,
  • amber jewelry,
  • honey.

Which platform to focus on: Amazon or eBay?

A preferred platform for the sale of goods to Europe can be either one of the world leaders (Amazon, eBay, Etsy), or some of the regional leaders (Allegro, OLX). An ideal platform for each product and market outlet is chosen after the study and analysis of the niche. A great deal depends on the leaders in each country and a product type. We described the difference between the leaders in the previous article.

How to sell goods to Europe?

Aiming at the Old World market, it is necessary to determine your top-priority territories and market outlets. Fulfillment by Partner Trade service offers you to bring your product to the markets of 26 European countries! In addition to that, we take care of all the registration and business issues. You do not need to control supplies, study regional laws and communicate with customers. Everything is included in the package of services.

Fulfillment by PartnerTrade: access to European currency markets

  • selling in 26 European countries
  • shipping and storage of goods
  • legal implementation and registration of business
  • drafting of products description
  • communication with clients in their language
  • fast delivery to the end customer

Unlike the competitors, we work through our own offices and warehouses in European countries. We are aimed at a long-term cooperation with a successful business. If the possibility of selling your product in Europe is low, we will tell you about it directly.