Why do you need barcodes on Amazon?

Why do you need barcodes on Amazon?

Amazon is a huge online marketplace that allows all people to sell products under their own brand. More than 50 thousand products are sold on Amazon daily. Each of these products has its own unique barcode that helps to identify it.

What barcodes are used on Amazon?

To sell products on Amazon, each seller must use one of the following bar codes to label their products:

  • UPC (Universal Product Code)
  • EAN (European Article Number)

UPC (12 characters) is assigned to products manufactured in the United States, and EAN (13 characters) – in European countries. According to the rules of the website, each type, size and color of the product requires its own code. Therefore, if your assortment consists of a large number of items, and with different characteristics, it is better to stock up on these codes. The procedure for acquiring codes from the main «verified» American sellers requires legal registration of the buyer’s data and is beneficial in the case of buying by the gross.

You can buy EAN or UPC codes from us at discounted prices and in any required quantity!

How to get barcode for free?

It is also worth mentioning that the assignment of EAN/UPC codes to your product is included in our Amazon Start service package!

When is UPC code of no need?

Amazon sellers under their own brand can do without a UPC code. To do this, they need to register their own brand and obtain a product ID on Amazon.

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